Less Precious, Pt. I

by Fever Feel

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Less Precious Part I by Fever Feel
Released May 10, 2019

Written and Performed by Landon Franklin & Logan Gabert
Lead Guitar on Corner Store Cowboy by Evan Cheadle
Mixed By David Parry
Mastered By Brock McFarlane



released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Fever Feel Victoria, British Columbia


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Track Name: In The Palm Of Her Hand

Those green eyes
They move like the sea
Move like she sees herself staring back at me
I am lost in her rolling waves
Carefree ways and legs that go on for..
Days now, she keeps me hanging on end
In the palm of her hand
Baby am I your man?
You’re my girl
My whole wide world
So heavenly divine
Please tell me that you’re mine

How I wish
I could tell you this
I miss you girl and it’s been on my list..
Of things I’ve been meaning to do
Is tell you how much I love you
Now this
I cannot resist
The thought of her lips
Oh common and give me a kiss
We can dine, maybe go for a drive
Break a bottle of wine
Because you make me feel so fine
Track Name: Corner Store Cowboy

Alone in every moment
Yes I know it feels this way
Tomorrow might be better
But I said that yesterday
All that’s in my mind
Are the illusions that I find
Keep the pain away

Continue to be haunted
By feeling unwanted
As you go to town
and explicitly flaunt it
Did you find a friend
Who can love you in the end
Much better than me?

Well the infamous corner store cowboy
Comes around the bend
See’s me at my lowest low
and says he’ll be my friend
Tilts the stetson hat that sits upon his brow
Tells me to hop right on
I say when
and he says now..

All you have to do
Is push up from the sheets
Of that old motel super 8
You’ve been staying at up the street
The maid is knocking
and it brings me to my feet
Was it just a dream

Well the infamous corner store cowboy
You know he’s at it again
See’s I have no place to go
But he has a hand to lend
Takes his stetson hat
and sits it on my brow
I say I’m not no cowboy
he says boy
well you sure are now

Go onto your day job
and dig another ditch
Or perhaps a grave to lay in
Hard to tell which is which
When you’re a forty deep
Weak in the knees
and you fall face down
In the street

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